Weekend Programs

Hikes for Tykes


Beginning at 10 a.m. every Saturday, Hikes for Tykes is another free program provided to visitors of The Gardens, this walk encourages pre-school children and their parents to engage in an outdoor educational adventure.
1, 3, and 5th Saturday – Fresh Air Family
2 and 4th Saturday – Birmingham Botanical Gardens
Topics Include:
The Language of Flowers
Fairies & Dragons
Oh Say can You Seed?
My, Oh My – a Butterfly!
One Leaf Rides the Wind
Jurrassic Gardens
The Trail of Peter Rabbit
World of a Rotten Log


The program is offered in partnership with Fresh Air Family.



Would you like to join our team of education volunteers? Contact Volunteer Coordinator Alice Moore at amoore@bbgardens.org or 205.414.3962 or follow the link below to visit our brand new, easy-to-use web portal. There, you’ll find all current volunteer opportunities including Garden Docents, Field Trip Docents, Library Volunteers, as well as opportunities to complete you Certificate in Native Plant Studies Volunteer Hours.

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