Seed Exchange


Plant of the Week: Lime Basil


The Seed Exchange

The Library at Birmingham Botanical Gardens has started a Seed Exchange and we would like for you to participate. We took our old card catalog and filled it with open pollinated vegetable, fruit, herb and flower seeds.

The Seed Exchange is a free program that was set up to encourage and educate the public on the benefits and importance of seed saving and how important it is to our natural biodiversity. Through the time-honored tradition of seed saving we celebrate biodiversity, nurture locally adapted plant varieties and foster community resilience, self-reliance and a culture of sharing.

If you are unable to save your own seed, please consider donating a packet or two of fresh, commercially grown, open-pollinated (non-hybrid, non-GMO) seed to keep our library stocked. Returned seed will allow us to keep the library well stocked.

If you already have seed you would like to share with us, we will gladly accept any open pollinated seed (No GMO or hybrid seed, please).

All you need to do is become a member of the Seed Exchange; all this entails is filling out a sheet of paper with some information and you are ready to go. It is completely free.

If you have additional questions please email, Hope Long,


Drawer 1: Children’s

Snap Bean: Rattlesnake

Sunflower: Taiyo

Popcorn: Tom Thumb

Drawer 2: Flowers

Bee Feed Mix

Bird and Butterfly Mix

Four O’clocks

Moon Flower

Morning Glory

Sunflower: Ring of Fire

Sunflower: Torch

Sunflower: Velvet Queen

Loose Seeds: Benary’s Giant Zinnia

Empress of India Nasturtium

Painted Tongue

Strawflower Mixture


Sweet Pea Mix

Sea Shells

Cosmos Sensation

Cosmos Mix

Teddy Bear Sunflower

Four O’Clocks

Butterfly Weed

Drawer 3: Seeds from Birmingham Botanical Gardens


Zinnia, Cut and Come Again

Purple Cone Flower

Drawer 4: Fruits

Amish, Melon

Minnesota Midget, Melon

Mother Mary’s Pie, Melon

Schoon’s Hard Shell, Melon

Janosik, Watermelon

Moon and Stars, Watermelon

Oh So Sweet, Watermelon

Orangeglo, Watermelon

Stone Mountain, Watermelon

Loose Seeds: Goji Berry

Drawer 5: Herbs


German Chamomile


Lemon Balm

Greek Oregano

Giant from Italy Parsley

Spearmint Stevia

Summer Savory

Thai Basil

Drawer 6: Vegetables

Brinker Carrier, Green Bean

Bean Old Homestead, Pole Bean

Burpee’s Stringless, Green Bean

Fin de Bagnol, Green Bean

Ireland Creek Annie, Bean

Provider, Green Bean

Purple Podded, Pole Bean

Sieva, Lima Bean

Drawer 7: Vegetables

Sultan’s Green Crescent, Bean

Turkey Craw, Bean

Glass Gem, Corn

Dakota Black, Popcorn

Mini Pink, Popcorn

Suyo Long, Cucumber

Early Fortune, Cucumber

Mexican Sour Gherkin, Cucumber

Listada de Gandia, Eggplant

Pingtung Long, Eggplant

Michels’, Cowpea

Green Arrow, Pea

Sutton’s Harbinger, Pea

Drawer 8: Vegetables

Green Arrow, Pea

Buran, Pepper

Golden Treasure, Pepper

Napoleon Sweet Pepper

Orange, Bell Pepper

Sweet Chocolate, Bell Pepper

Tolli’s Sweet Italian, Bell Pepper

Mustard Habanero, Hot Pepper

Black Beauty, Zucchini

Amish Paste, Tomato

Black Krim, Tomato

Cherokee Purple, Tomato

Federle, Tomato

Mamie Brown’s Pink, Tomato

Mortage Lifter, Tomato

Paul Robeson, Tomato

Redfield Beauty, Tomato

Orange Fleshed Purple Smudge, Tomato

Trucker’s Favorite, Tomato

Wapsipinicon Peach, Tomato

Tommy Toe, Cherry Tomato

Black Cherry, Cherry Tomato

Drawer 9: Vegetables

Cool Season Sweet Merlin, Roasting Beets

Bull’s Blood, Beet

Super Rapini, Broccoli

Raab Root Prinz , Celery

Renee’s Stirfry Mix Pan-Pacific Greens

Gala Mache Specialty Salads

Ruby Streaks, Mustard

Early Butternut and Delicata Squash

Vegetable Spaghetti Squash

Drawer 10: Vegetables

Cool Season Yellow of Parma, Onion

Prize Choy, Pac Choy

Rat-Tailed, Radish

Mammoth Sandwich Island, Salsify

America, Spinach

Guatemalan Blue Banana, Squash

Patisson Panache Verte et Blanc, Squash

Sibley, Squash

Sweet Fall, Squash

Tweet-ee-oo-Bakers, Squash

Warty Cheese, Squash

Five Color, Silverbeet

Loose Seed: Nantes Scarlet, Carrot

Cosmic Purple, Carrot

Green Globe, Artichoke

Drawer 11: Loose Seed: Herbs





Lavender Hidcate Blue

English Lavender

Lemon Catnip




Lemon Basil

Cinnamon Basil

Drawer 12: Loose Seed: Vegetables

Brunswick, Cabbage

French Breakfast, Radish

Early Fortune, Cucumber

Aonaga Jibai, Cucumber

Groninger, Brussels Sprouts

Peach Habanero, Hot Pepper

Moon and Stars, Watermelon

Paradigsom Aiaku Sarga Szentes, Pepper

Black Beauty, Tomato

Stowell’s Evergreen, White corn

Whitesett Family, Baby Lima Bean

Buhl, Sweet Corn

Natsu Fushinari Cucumber

Georgia Rattlesnake, Watermelon

Boston Pickling, Cucumber

Carolina Reaper, Hot Pepper

Asparagus, Mary Washington

Beans, Trionfo Violetto

Beans, Santa Anna

Pepper, Quadrate d’Asti Rosso

Pepper, Dulce Italiano

Black-eyed Pea

Summer Squash, Odessa

Drawer 13: Loose Seed: Flowers

Moon Flower Muro Kumo, Morning Glory

Belstead Supreme, Aster

African Daisy, Blue Disc

4 O’Clocks, Marvel of Peru

Zinnia Cactus, Chrysanthemum Mix

Orange Cosmos

Marvel of Peru, Four O’Clocks

Swamp Hibiscus

Orange Cosmos

Calendula, Ball’s Improved Orange

Pink Coneflower Morning Glory, Kurenal

Aster, Andrella Super Mix

Drawer 14: Loose Seed: Flowers

Swamp Hibiscus

Butterfly Weed

Swamp Hisbiscus

Four O’Clocks, Marvel of Peru

Formosa Lily

Orange Marigold

Red Hummingbird Vine

Mexican Sunflower

Drawer 15: Vegetables:

Cool Season Detroit Dark Red, Beet

Chioggia, Beet

Calabrese, Broccoli

Dragon, Carrot

Danvers, Carrot

Brunswick, Cabbage

Early Jersey Wakefield, Cabbage

Premium Late Flat Dutch, Cabbage

Georgia Southern, Collard


Dwarf Blue Curled Scotch


White Vienna

Blue Solaise, Leek

Prizetaker, Leek

Renee’s Stirfry Mix, Lettuce

Amish Deer Tongue, Lettuce

Green Oakleaf, Lettuce

Ella Kropf, Lettuce

Rouge D’hiver, Lettuce

Australian Yellowleaf, Lettuce

Bronze Arrowhead, Lettuce

Spaghetti Squash, Japanese Pumpkin

Carrot, Cosmic Purple

Carrot, Dragon Purple

Drawer 16: Packaged Seed (donated)

Moulin Rouge, Sunflower

Vanilla Ice, Sunflower

Happy Lights Hollyhock

Funny Valentine Blend, Cypress Vine

Crystal Palace, Lobelia

Bright Lights Blend, Cosmos

Peach Melba Superior, Nasturtium

Oopsy Daisy Calendula Pot, Marigold

Indian Summer, Rudbeckia

Naughty Marietta, Marigold

Ruby Moon, Hyacinth Bean

Mikado, California Poppy

Torch, Mexican Sunflower

Tiny Tim, Alyssum

Sweet Dwarf Blend, Bachelor’s Button

Galilee Blend, Larkspur

Classic Romantic, Bachelor’s Button

King Henry, Viola

Johnny-Jump-Up, Viola

American Legion, Poppy

Brillant, Poppy

Oriental Blend, Poppy

Black Magic, Bachelor’s Blend

Sweet William Double Blend

Butterfly Blend, Delphinium

Exotic Love Vine

Drawer 17: Packaged Seed: Vegetables (donated)

Sugar baby, Corn

Sugar Pearl, White Corn

Poinsett 76, Cucumber

Bush Slicer, Cucumber

Little Prince, Eggplant

Sweet Majoram, Herb

Red Burgundy, Okra

Clemson Spineless 80, Okra

Jambalaya, Okra

Numex Joe E. Parker, Pepper

California Wonder, Pepper

Habanero, Chile Pepper

Early Jalapeno, Chile Pepper

Serrano Tampiqueno, Chile Pepper

Hungarian Magyar, Paprika Pepper

Red Savina, Habanero Chile

Pizza My Heart, Pepper

Orange and Red Suave, Pepper

Toma Verde, Tomatillos

Two Color Fiesta Mexican, Tomatillos

Cherokee Purple, Tomato

Big Beef, Tomato

Supersweet 100, Tomato

Beefsteak, Tomato

San Marzano, Tomato

Ronde de Nice, Zucchini

Astia, Zucchini

Clarimore, Zucchini

Baby Round, Zucchini

Emerald Delight, Zucchini

Midori Giant, Soybean

Korean Pepper, Lady Hermit