Seed Exchange


Plant of the Week: Carolina Reaper


The Seed Exchange

The Library at Birmingham Botanical Gardens has started a Seed Exchange and we would like for you to participate. We took our old card catalog and filled it with open pollinated vegetable, fruit, herb and flower seeds.

The Seed Exchange is a free program that was set up to encourage and educate the public on the benefits and importance of seed saving and how important it is to our natural biodiversity. Through the time-honored tradition of seed saving we celebrate biodiversity, nurture locally adapted plant varieties and foster community resilience, self-reliance and a culture of sharing.

If you are unable to save your own seed, please consider donating a packet or two of fresh, commercially grown, open-pollinated (non-hybrid, non-GMO) seed to keep our library stocked. Returned seed will allow us to keep the library well stocked.

If you already have seed you would like to share with us, we will gladly accept any open pollinated seed (No GMO or hybrid seed, please).

All you need to do is become a member of the Seed Exchange; all this entails is filling out a sheet of paper with some information and you are ready to go. It is completely free.

If you have additional questions please email, Hope Long,