"Get Into The Gardens" is a new weekend program that provides free educational programming to visitors at Birmingham Botanical Gardens. The series will include family-friendly demonstrations, the return of Hikes for Tykes, an educational outdoor adventure designed for preschool children and their families, and Sunday Scene, an educational walk through each of the gardens at Birmingham Botanical Gardens.


All programs are free.  Registration is not required.  Meet in The Gardens' plaza.

Wilds to Woodlands: Animal and Plant Adventures - A Collaborative Series with the Birmingham Zoo

  • Saturday, July 18 - Birmingham Botanical Gardens/Birmingham Zoo - Alabama Keystone Species: Gopher Tortoise and Longleaf Pine Ecosystems - 10-2 p.m.
  • Saturday, August 8 - Birmingham Botanical Gardens/Birmingham Zoo - North American Black Bear Botanical Picnic - 10-2 p.m.
  • Saturday, August 22 - Birmingham Botanical Gardens/Alabama Wildlife Center - Birds of The Gardens - 10-2 p.m.
  • Saturday, September 12 - Birmingham Botanical Gardens/Alabama Wildlife Center - TBD - 10-2 p.m.

While admission to The Gardens is free and programs are free, admission to Birmingham Zoo is necessary to take part in sessions at Birmingham Zoo



Creating Your Own Jurassic Garden!
Saturday, August 1 - 10-2 p.m.

Come join us on The Gardens’ Plaza to learn about a time before the evolution of flowering plants, the time of the dinosaurs, 200 million years ago. The smell of damp air and moist, decay earth. A time of incredibly strange animals and plants. What kind of plants? Jurassic plants – Cycads, Ferns and early Conifers!
Learn how to transform a small piece of your garden or even create a terrarium garden that will take you back to a time lost!







Beginning at 10 a.m. every Saturday, Hikes for Tykes is another free program provided to

visitors of The Gardens, this walk encourages pre-school children and their

parents to engage in an outdoor educational adventure.

September 5 - Big Nature! An "I Spy" hike

Think you’ve seen it all? Join us for an “I Spy” hike through The Gardens and find out what’s hidden along the trails. A great hike for those who want to train their eyes to see more of what’s wild at The Gardens.


September 19 - A Hike to Remember-Memory Games to Learn About Nature

Remember what an oak leaf looks like? How about a pine needle from a Longleaf Pine? Come join us and find out how much about nature you can remember on this hike!

October 10 - One Leaf Rides the Wind

Walk through The Gardens discussing signs of the changing season, especially falling leaves. Have the children collect a couple of fallen leaves on the walk to the Japanese Gardens. Read One Leaf Rides the Wind. Discuss the leaves they collected, the shapes, colors and venation. If time allows have the children use crayons to make rubbings of their leaves to take home. Let them ring the Friendship Bell with a friend before leaving.


October 24 - Fine Feathered Friends

Walk through The Gardens discussing birds and what makes them special from other animals and why The Gardens are a good home for them. Read Fine Feathered Friends then look and listen for different types of birds.

October 31 - The Gardens Halloween Trail

Have some spook-tacular family family fun! Come find all the objects cleverly hidden along the "I Spy" Halloween Trail. Which belong in nature and which do not!? Sharpen your observation skills as you search for animal artifacts, like bones and skulls. Find them all and earn a prize. Then visit snakes & spiders in the "Creepy Crawlers" room and do a Halloween craft or two.


The program is offered in partnership with Fresh Air Family.


The Sunday Scene also returns as the final component of the series, leading visitors on educational walks through The Gardens.


All walks in the Sunday Scene begin at 2 p.m.


For more information about the "Get Into The Gardens" series, contact

Volunteer Coordinator Taylor Steele at 205.414.3962 or tsteele@bbgardens.org.