Garden & Photography Rules

Garden & Photography Rules

Photographs are a wonderful way to remember your visit to Birmingham Botanical Gardens. We encourage visitors to take casual photographs for their own personal use. We are delighted that you are considering the Birmingham Botanical Gardens as the location for your photos and portraits. To ensure a positive experience for you, while maintaining a pleasant experience for our many visitors, please be aware of the following rules and guidelines:

General Photography Guidelines:

The Gardens does not take reservations for wedding and portrait photo sessions.

Photography Etiquette:

  • DO NOT walk in any planted, mulched or wooded area for any reason. Always stay on paths and turf areas;
  • DO NOT injure, disturb, damage, deface or remove any plant, plant part, garden feature, rock, cultural material, bird, animal or structure for any reason;
  • DO NOT climb up, walk on, or otherwise abuse trees, shrubs, plants, fences, walls, boulders or other garden feature;
  • DO NOT play any audio equipment such as radios, CD, DVD or MP3 players out loud;
  • DO NOT solicit, except with the written permission of the Park & Recreation Board.

Some Friendly Reminders:

Our visitors at The Gardens also want a pleasant experience. Please be courteous and do not block pathways or other access areas in any way. Remember that The Gardens is a public place where visitors are welcome in all public areas, and that regular business continues during normal operating hours.

Thank you for choosing The Gardens for your wedding, family and individual portraits!