Antiques at The Gardens 2013 Sponsors

As of September 4, 2013


Presenting Sponsor



Gala in The Gardens



Lecture Series


Corporate Sponsors




Mr. and Mrs. W. Frank Cobb, III
Dr. and Mrs. Derrill Crowe
Protective Life Corporation

Mr. and Mrs. Jon Kimerling
The Kayser Family
Mr. Leo Kayser, Jr.
Mrs. Deborah K. Strauss
Mr. Leo Kayser III
McCorquodale Transfer, Inc.
The Thomas E. Jernigan



Bayer Properties, Inc.

Will & Maggie Brooke
Ms. Barbara L. Burton
EBSCO Industries, Inc.
flower magazine
Mrs. Fay Belt Ireland
Lane Parke - Daniel Corporation
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew J. Noble, III
Mr. and Mrs. Wilmer S. Poynor, III
Nancy and John Poynor
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce F. Rogers
Starnes Davis Florie LLP
The Summit Birmingham


Mr. and Mrs. Craig Allen
Birmingham Coca-Cola Bottling Company
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama
Mr. and Mrs. John G. Brock
Mr. and Mrs. Reaves Monroe Crabtree
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas T. Donald
Marx Brothers, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Guy K. Mitchell, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Rosse
Dr. and Mrs. Eugene C. Sherlock
Mr. Frederick R. Spicer, Jr. and Ms. Kim McBride
Catherine and Lee Styslinger
Lucille R. Thompson
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Williamson, Jr.

Dale and Tom Carruthers
Dr. and Mrs. Lee Carter
Philip and Cheryl Crane
Stewart M. Dansby
Trudy Evans
Frank and Karle Falkenburg
Mr. and Mrs. J. S. M. French
Mr. and Mrs. Clarke H. Gillespy
Ellen and Houston Gillespy
Mr. and Mrs. Beau Grenier
Mr. and Mrs. T. Michael Goodrich
Mr. and Mrs. Jay Grinney
Mr. Gregory H. Hawley
Margi Ingram
Mr. and Mrs. Norman Jetmundsen, Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. Price Kloess
Lynn and Benny LaRussa
Luckie & Company
Kathryn and Ben Miree
Mr. and Mrs. John D. Moore
Mr. Mac M. Moorer
Mr. and Mrs. Drayton Nabers
Oasis Design Group
Ms. Nancy Price
Randal and Darla Sellers
Mr. and Mrs. Leo A. Shaia
Mr. and Mrs. Roland T. Short
Mr. and Mrs. John S. Steiner
Mr. and Mrs. Temple W. Tutwiler, III
Drs. Pam and Ed Varner
Welch Hornsby

Mike & Teresa Callahan
Derrill & Cameron Crowe
George & Kim Matthews
Joe & Kam Patton
Stan & Joan Starnes


Mr. Edward K. Aldag, Jr.
Dr. Thomas G. Amason, Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. Gary Archer
Mr. John H. Beeler, Jr.
Mr. Harold E. Bissell
Ann and Luke Bloodworth
Mr. Will Brooke
Mr. Thomas A. Broughton, III
Tom Tartt Brown, Jr., in honor of Virginia Reeves Brown
Dr. James Bryant
Mr. Brian C. Burgess
Timothy A.R. Callahan
Mr. and Mrs. Ehney A. Camp, III
Dr. and Mrs. James E. Cantrell, Jr.
John and Susan Carroll
Mr. A. Philip Cook, Jr.
Ernest and Vivian Cory
J. Patrick Darby
Mr. C. Hartwell Davis, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Ogden S. Deaton
Mr. and Mrs. Alan J. Dreher
Paul Dreher
George Dreher
Dr. Robert P. Eichelberger
Mr. and Mrs. Walter B. Evans, Jr.
Ed Finch
Michael A. Florie
Hubert W. Goings, Jr.
M. Williams Goodwyn, Jr.
Bill Gresham
Christopher B. Harmon
Dr. Rex Harris -
Rex Harris Fine Jewelry
Dr. Jimmie H. Harvey, Jr.
Dr. Lawrence S. Hawley
J. Keith Hazelrig
Edward Hobbs
Tryg Hoff
George H. Holman
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Ireland, II
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen C. Jackson
Dr. and Mrs. Gerald D. Karcher, Jr.
Mr. Andrew B. Krebbs
Mr. Joe L. Leak
Warren Lightfoot, Jr.
Michael L. Lucas
Michael D. Luce
C. Matthew Lusco
George Gambrill Lynn
Rick MacKay
Robert P. MacKenzie, III
Lee and Mac Moncus
Mr. John T. Oliver, III
Mr. William C. Patterson
Mr. and Mrs. Charles K. Porter
Mr. and Mrs. James W. Porter, II
Mr. Goode Price, III
Mr. and Mrs. Clay Ragsdale
Mr. T. Alan Ritchie, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. E. Todd Sharley, Jr.
Martha Jean and Jim Shaw
Robert Spotswood
Rusty Stewart
Mr. and Mrs. Ingram D. Tynes
Alex Vare
Steve Varner




How to become a sponsor

If you are interested in sponsoring the Antiques at The Gardens show, please contact Drew Rickel, donor relations officer, at 205.414.3955 or