Antiques at The Gardens 2014 Sponsors

As of July 24, 2014


Presenting Sponsor



Gala in The Gardens



Lecture Series


Corporate Sponsors


Mr. Joseph Blount

Dr. and Mrs. Derrill Crowe




Alabama Power Foundation     Miller Event Rentals




Birmingham Coca Cola Bottling Co.

Leo Kayser, III

Mr. and Mrs. Jon Kimmerling

McCorquodale Transfer

O'Neal Industries





BHK Investment Advisors, LLC

Bradley Arant Boult Cummings, LLC

Will and Maggie Brooke

Barbara Lovelace Burton

Cobbs Allen

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Coleman

Davis Wholesale Florist, Inc.


Dunn-French Foundation

Dr. and Mrs. James C. Lasker

Dr. and Mrs. Price Kloess

Motion Industries, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Noble, III

John and Nancy Poynor

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce F. Rogers

William and LaVona Rushton

Mr. and Mrs. William M. Slaughter

Joan and Stan Starnes

Wade Sand and Gravel Company, Inc.

Janet and Scott Wilson

Steward Machine Comapny

Starnes Davis Florie LLP

Louise & John Wrinkle




Mr. & Mrs. S. Allen Brown, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Harold Bissell

Charlie Brown

Camille Butrus

Molly and John Carter

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Lange Clark

Mr. and Mrs. Reaves Monroe Crabtree

Stewart M. Dansby

Joy and Beau Grenier

Hubert W. Goings

Dr. and Mrs. Jimmie H. Harvey, Jr.

Camelia & Robert Holmes

Mallie M. Ireland

Mrs. Thomas E. Jernigan, Sr.

Rick and Barrett Brock McKay

Kim and George Matthews

Dorothy and Al Naughton

Carol and Wilmer Poynor

ProAssurance Corporation

Melissa and Hanson Slaughter

Nancy and Murray Smith

Frederick R. Spicer, Jr. and Kim McBride

Mr. and Mrs. Jesse R. Taylor, III

Thompson Tractor Co.

Judge and Mrs. Scott Vowell

Welch Hornsby, Inc.


Shannon & Bill Blount

Tara and Jim Bryant

Phil and Karen Carroll

Mary Carolyn and Mel Cleveland

Jim & Anna Cooper

First Commercial Bank

Ellen and Houston Gillespy

Mr. & Mrs. Clarke Gillespy

Maura and Will Goodwyn

David B. Heslep

Mr. & Mrs. Glenn Ireland, II

Nancy and Nim Long

Luckie and Company

Kathy G. Mezrano; Kathy G. & Co.

Mac M. Moorer

Mr. and Mrs. William C. Patterson

Mr. & Mrs. Donald W. Patton

Mr. and Mrs. Leo M. Shaia

Mr. & Mrs. Eugene C. Sherlock

Dr. and Mrs. David H. Sibley

Mr. and Mrs. Lathrop W. Smith, Jr.

Dr. & Mrs. J. Roger Smith

Mr. and Mrs. John S. Steiner

Pam & Ed Varner


Sally and Brad Baker

Cathy and Jimmy Harvey

Drue and John Miller

Peggy and Conrad Rafield

Frank and Amy Ager

Rex and Carol Alexander

Dr. & Mrs. Thomas G. Amason, Jr.

Joe & Angelica Brady

Margaret & Will Brooke, Jr.

Will & Maggie Brooke

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas A. Broughton, III

Brian and Lauren Burgess

Ragan Cain

Dr. and Mrs. Lee Carter

Mr. & Mrs. John W. Chambliss

Joy & Lee Cooper

Mr. and Mrs. J. Patrick Darby

Alan & Patsy Dreher

Richard and Helen Drennen

Dr. and Mrs. Robert and Stephanie Eichelberger

Jean S. Frey

Stella K. Grenier

Dr. & Mrs. Lawrence S. Hawley

Hulsey Garden Design

William & Millie Hulsey

Kelli and Norman Jetmundsen

Laide Karpeles

Dr. and Mrs. Raleigh B. Kent, III

Mr. and Mrs. Michael L. Lucas

Janet and Matt Lusco

Mr. and Mrs. Reid Lynch

George Gambrill Lynn

Terri & John Lyon

Dr. & Mrs. David Smyth McKee, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Don Menedez

Mr. and Mrs. John D. Moore

Goode Price, III

Mr. & Mrs. Conrad Rafield

Mabry and Jeanne Rogers

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Spotswood

Marcia & Jar Twitty

Mr. and Mrs. Steve Varner

Kitty C. White & Tryg Hoff


Mr. and Mrs. R. Holman Head

Bill Ireland, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen C. Jackson

The Hackney Foundation

Mr. Hatton C. V. Smith

Mr. and Mrs. Russell R. Stutts, Jr.





How to become a sponsor

If you are interested in sponsoring the Antiques at The Gardens show, please contact Drew Rickel, donor relations officer, at 205.414.3955 or